Album Review: This Wild Life – Low Tides

While bands are aware of fans and their desires, it’s truly rare for them to be fully self-aware of what their audience clamors for. That’s why the the album’s opening track, “Hit the Reset” is entirely too applicable to not only the songs message, but the band itself. As vocalist Kevin Jordan sings, “hit the reset, I’m starting again” is meant to relate to letting go after a breakup, it just as easily applies to the band. Starting out as a pop punk band, This Wild Life realized that their fans preferred the lush acoustic songs they had released in comparison to their pop punk ones. With this, the band transformed into the highly acclaimed acoustic duo that took over the scene with their debut album, Clouded, by captivating the world with soothing vocals and stripped down instrumentation. With Low Tides, the duo essentially hits the reset once again as the band expand their sound to more instruments and a bigger soundscape. With the duo’s attempt in progressing, it begs the question: Does the band succeed in making a worthy successor to Clouded or does their ambition get the best of them?

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Release: September 9, 2016
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Almost immediately, there’s a slightly bigger scope in presentation and sound as the duo added more elements to its track, as heard in the opener “Hit The Reset”. There’s a thicker atmosphere throughout the tracks with the addition of percussion and harmonies, giving off a much richer overall sound helping Low Tides stand out vividly from their debut. This ideology carries on through songs like “Falling Down”, which starts off like any other This Wild Life song that soon explodes into one of the highlights of the record as the duo creates a full fledged band sound. In similar fashion, this also happens in the chorus for the moody “Let Go” as it’s elevated through its use of a barrage of synths and harmonies. It’s in these moments of experimentation that Low Tides best shines.

This Wild Life – Hit The Reset [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This Wild Life’s official music video for ‘Hit The Reset’ from the album, Low Tides – available now on Epitaph Records at Visit for our latest merchandise! Site: Spotify: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Directed by Raul Gonzo LYRICS Hit the reset, I’m starting again I’m in the thick of it, does it hurt a little bit?

Along with their main producer Aaron Marsh, the duo also enlisted the help of Sir Sly’s Jason Suwito to help make their sound come across more expansive. This happens best in songs like “Pull Me Out” which features vocalist Kevin Jordan’s soft singing backed by an atmospheric sound made out of acoustic guitars, bongos and keys. Even as the duo’s sound expands, they still take the time to deliver their well known stripped down musical genius in the vein of Clouded. Songs like “Just Yesterday” & “Fade” rely on just acoustic guitars and minimal use of strings to help deliver the emotion the duo is known for.

While Clouded found its beauty in its simplicity, Low Tides finds it in its exploration. Fear not as this is still the same band fans fell in love with previously, it’s just more ambitious and expansive, offering up a lusher atmosphere and stronger sound. The album is not a complete 180 from what made them great, instead it’s progression in the best way possible. Whether it’s a stripped down or full on band approach, This Wild Life still packs an emotional punch – perhaps more than ever.

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