The Weekly Drop: August 27 – September 2

With August coming to a close, the month of September is upon us bringing us that much closer to the official start of Fall. It also means Labor Day weekend in the US, and what better time to check out some new tunes while you’re out living it up one last time before reality hits. Onto the weekly drop!

Released 8.28.16

Artist: Great Lakes
Album: Broken World
Genre: Metalcore

Great Lakes – Broken World

►Order “Broken World” on iTunes: and Google Play: ►Like Great Lakes on Facebook: ►Follow Great Lakes on Instagram:… – – Lyrics: I watch the world break a little more every day, But I’m still pushing forward, and this world is where I want to stay.

Released 9.01.16

Artist: Unconscious Disturbance
Album: Let It Rain EP
Genre: Rock

Let It Rain

Let It Rain, an album by Unconscious Disturbance on Spotify

Released 9.02.16

Artist: A Day To Remember
Album: Bad Vibrations
Genre: Metalcore

Bad Vibrations (Deluxe Edition)

Bad Vibrations (Deluxe Edition), an album by A Day To Remember on Spotify

Artist: Autumn Ruin
Album: We Make Our Own Damn Luck EP
Genre: Pop Rock

We Make Our Own Damn Luck EP

We Make Our Own Damn Luck EP, an album by Autumn Ruin on Spotify

Artist: Breathe In The Silence
Album: Hold My Heart EP
Genre: Post Hardcore

Hold My Heart

Hold My Heart, an album by Breathe in the Silence on Spotify

Artist: Demon In Me
Album: Here’s Your Way Out
Genre: Alternative Rock

Here’s Your Way Out

Here’s Your Way Out, an album by Demon in Me on Spotify

Artist: Dylan Taylor
Album: G.R.A.V.E.S EP
Genre: Drumstep


G.R.A.V.E.S., an album by Dylan Taylor on Spotify

Artist: Greyhaven
Album: State of Mind EP
Genre: Metalcore

State of Mind

State of Mind, an album by Greyhaven on Spotify

Artist: Helms Alee
Album: Stillicide
Genre: Indie Rock


Stillicide, an album by Helms Alee on Spotify

Artist: Hope for the Hollow
Album: Back to Life EP
Genre: Hard Rock

Back to Life

Back to Life, an album by Hope for the Hollow on Spotify

Artist: I the Mighty
Album: Oil in Water EP
Genre: Acoustic

Oil in Water

Oil in Water, an album by I The Mighty on Spotify

Artist: Lightscape
Album: For Present For Past EP
Genre: Alternative Rock

For Present, for Past

For Present, for Past, an album by Lightscape on Spotify

Artist: Signals Midwest
Album: At This Age
Genre: Indie

At This Age

At This Age, an album by Signals Midwest on Spotify

Artist: Skye & Ross
Album: Skye | Ross
Genre: Alternative / Trip Hop

Skye & Ross

Skye & Ross, an album by Skye & Ross on Spotify

Artist: STS9
Album: The Universe Inside
Genre: Electronic Rock

The Universe Inside

The Universe Inside, an album by STS9 on Spotify

Artist: To the Rats and Wolves
Album: Dethroned
Genre: Metalcore


Dethroned, an album by To the Rats and Wolves on Spotify

Artist: We Are The Catalyst
Album: Elevation
Genre: Alternative Metal


Elevation, an album by We Are the Catalyst on Spotify

Artist: White Label Analog
Album: In Case You Just Tuned In
Genre: Indie Rock

In Case You Just Tuned In

In Case You Just Tuned In, an album by White Label Analog on Spotify

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