Artifex Pereo Release New Track “As History Would Have It”

Artifex Pereo have released their newest track, “As History Would Have It“, off their long awaited sophomore album, Passengers, which is due out 9/9 on Tooth and Nail Records. Following 2014’s debut album Time In Place which left the listener hovering in space, the new album is written through the eyes of someone viewing the planet from afar. As Jamie Davis (guitar/vocals) of the band says “we approached the new album from the perspective of someone returning to earth and viewing the maddening things happening throughout the world.”

Artifex Pereo – As History Would Have It

PASSENGERS is out now! LYRICS: Sentries are on the bluff. You would not be wise to be the last soldier in this line as we make our move through this brush. How did we get so pinned down to have to fight all and nothing at once?


What Are Your Thoughts!

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