EP Review: Autumn Ruin – We Make Our Own Damn Luck

As a genre, pop rock is one of the more predictable sounds as progression, technicality and overall uniqueness aren’t things that make their home within the genres boundaries. This leads to a familiar and expected output from the plethora of bands that litter the particular scene with very few artists standing above the rest. Out of the artists that do stand out, many of them end up with massive commercial appeal as their music litters the airwaves. That’s where upcoming pop-rockers Autumn Ruin find themselves as their aspirations to rise to the top are prominently on display. With their debut EP We Make Our Own Damn Luck, this five-piece show that they’re deserving of a shot, but still have a few steps in front of them.

[tw-toggle title=”About Autumn Ruin”]
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Square State Records
Release: September 2, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

The basic premise of pop rock itself is really just derived from two approach. Foremost, there needs to be a massive sound that plays throughout the whole record and in We Make Our Own Damn Luck’s case, that incorporate the majority of expectations from the genre. There’s atmospheric sounds that are created through skittered electronics, orchestral arrangements and massive “woah-ohs” sprinkled between catchy and crispy riffs, rhythmic bass and toe-tapping drumming.  This leads to the other side of the pop rock approach which is it’s simplistic, yet catchy lyricism and hooks, which Autumn Ruin deliver in spades. From the crowd pleasing title track and the marooning “Rewrite” to the EP’s closer, “No One Does We (Like We Do)” this is a release that will fulfill fans of the genre admirably.

Autumn Ruin – We Make Our Own Damn Luck (Official Video)

Our Debut EP ‘We Make Our Own Damn Luck’ out now on iTunes/Amazon music, or Physical CD copies available at www.autumnruin.bigcartel.com https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/we-make-our-own-damn-luck-ep/id1141569475 Video by Sitcom Soldiers Music recorded at Steel City Studios www.Facebook.com/AutumnRuinOfficial Twitter: @AutumnRuin Instagram: @AutumnRuin

While there isn’t a terrible amount to write home, We Make Our Own Damn Luck does showcase their ability to create fun filled pop rock between dropping hints of their full potential. As previously mentioned, there isn’t going to be a large dose of variety or originality found as it is a record that truly knows where it belongs – and that’s perfectly acceptable. Autumn Ruin output a sound that leaves plenty for fans to like from the danceable record opener to the inevitable crowd singing, anthemic closer and show that at the very least, they deserve a chance in the spotlight.

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