Everything is Green Releases New Track “Totally Sober”

Psych-pop outfit Everything is Green have released their new track, “Totally Sober”, which lives on their forthcoming debut album Sweet Teeth, out this September on SpaceGang Records.

“’Totally Sober’ at its core is a love song about two people growing up together and figuring out each new step in life together,” explains Pappageorgas. “One of these steps dealt with particularly in this song is sobriety and how that can effect a relationship for the better and for the worse. It’s a pretty straightforward song about a very complex issue that I think a lot of people (especially those in their late 20’s) are dealing with.”

Totally Sober by Everything is Green

Follow Everything is Green @everything-is-green www.everythingisgreen.space www.facebook.com/EverythingIsGreen/ twitter.com/evrythngISgreen Follow Spacegang: @spacegangrecs www.facebook.com/SpaceGangRecs instagram.com/spacegangrecs twitter.com/spacegangrecs

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