The Comfort Release New Single + Video “Your Heart”

Brisbane alternative rock duo The Comfort have released the second single, “Your Heart” from their upcoming EP Love, to be released on September 16.

Showing maturation and growth Your Heart shines with hope and security a stark change from the darkness of debut EP Ghosts. The track delivers commitment and hope in a world that is lacking. As a whole Your Heart explores themes of love and intimacy, asking the question commitment, relationship or both?

Your Heart is about being so infatuated with someone that the felling is indescribable. You can use thousands of metaphors and analogies, but no words come close to pin pointing how and why you love them,” said guitarist and vocalist, Liam Homles.

The Comfort – Your Heart (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: The Comfort Song: Your Heart Album: ‘Love’ (EP 2016) Hometown: Brisbane, Australia Website: Instagram – @thecomfortmusic Twitter – @thecomfort Bigcartel: Bandcamp: ________________________________ Lyrics: Two years, never felt like this before I can’t help but want to feel it more One

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