New Portals Unveil Video For “Cage”

Synth pop duo New Portals have unveiled the music video for their newest single, “Cage”, which is the follow up to their previous outputs “Stay Here Tonight” and “Groove Boy”. Filmed late at night while the city sleeps, the video for ‘Cage’ features a lonely man soliciting a woman walking the streets. After driving through empty roads and exchanging money, they park up in a deserted area before breaking into a breath-taking dance routine, channelling lust and regret in a beautiful ballet of taboo.

‘Cage’ is another synth-pop masterpiece from New Portals. It is a blissful blend of atmospheric melodies and seamless basslines, while the faultless vocal harmonies of members Mike and Ruth Aicken capture the duo’s unique and diverse song-writing abilities.


iTunes: Facebook: IG: @newportals / @newportalsboy T: @newportals Video Written & Directed by Emily McDonald. Producer: Scott Vennell. DP: Joseph Gainsborough. Choreographer: Alexandra Green. Dancers: Thomas Hands + Alice Laidler. Editor: Craig Coole. Audio written by New Portals (Ruth Aicken & Michael Aicken). Produced by Matt Weir & Peter J McCauley.

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