SEE Premieres New Music Video for “She Cries”

Twenty year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist SEE has released her new music video for “She Cries” off her recently released EP, Ties.

SEE on the music video – “I wrote “She Cries” while watching someone I am close with go through a very difficult period in their life that involved a lot of emotions – one of them being trying to break away from cycles of addictive qualities and patterns.  Addiction can take many layers and forms but visually represent that addiction through substance abuse as it is something more tangible. We were super lucky to have two incredible dancers and a wonderful choreographer on the team, so it created a unique environment where we were able to blend all of these different areas of art into one project.”

Car Astor (fka SEE) – She Cries

@carastorrr ———– With a stop of the clock you know time is hiding from you And you’re waiting to cross but the line moves further from you Take a second to unwind and feel you lungs expand inside of you Take a second to decide and change your

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