Album Review: Watsky – x Infinity

The upbringing and background of each individual is one of the more influential factors encountered in life. Music lets people have a creative outlet to explore those upbringings. From the every day listener’s perspective, it’s finding a person who had a similar experience or relatable story; for the artist it’s about telling that story of who they are or what goes on in their mind. First known for his slam poetry work, Watsky has incorporated multiple experiences and styles into his albums over the years, but has always stayed true to himself as he’s garnered a loyal fanbase always eager for more. His latest album, x Infinity, expands on that as he has created an album that delves into ones own thoughts and discusses the concept of embracing our own insignificance in the vastness of time and space.

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Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Steel Wool Records
Release: August 19, 2016
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x Infinity let’s the listener know from the first impression that musically it is not to be trifled with and that it demands respect continuously throughout each song. The all-star team that assisted in the production of this piece of art lives up to their names here. You’ll realize very early on that a bulk of this albums beats are crafted from behind a drum set, with Josh Dun’s (Twenty One Pilots) input. The drums, horns and other live instruments do a beautiful job portraying the style of each different song that producers Russell Simmons and Kush Mody have put together for Watsky. There was a lot of time, work, and devotion put into x Infinity from an instrumental standpoint, which is admirable for what is dominantly considered to be a hip hop album.

Watsky- Tiny Glowing Screens Part 3 ft. Camila Recchio & Danny McClain (x INFINITY)

Album Pre-order & Tour Tickets: Digital pre-order: Director: Jackson Adams – Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski – Production Designer: Lina Gasperaviciute Editor: Brian Vannucci Colorist/VFX: Aaron Hayden Production Company: Steel Wool Entertainment – Music production: Kush Mody Mixed and recorded by Andrew Oedel

After listening through the entirety of the record, it is an undeniable fact that Watskyis a modern day lyrical genius. It is often difficult to separate his rap from his poetry as his flow rivals that of Eminemrhythmically. Artistically, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who can compete with his style and composition in the hip hop world. Not only is this record a showcase of master word crafting, but the combination of phrases are done in an ironic and awe-striking way. The best part about this is that he does it in such a way that isn’t just gimmicky or disjointed while none of his rhymes ever take away from the flow of the story or concept he is putting together, other than when he’s being utterly hilarious. The lyrical content, if not spreading a positive call to action, usually gives us a look into his mind. It’s clear that George is very present in where his world is. He’s down to earth, and not afraid to share his observations or personal life experiences in his music. This makes for very honest, relatable, and immersive songs.

While not quite the household name, Watsky has proven himself to be different from other artists in the “rap game” and continues to show why with x Infinity. The current culture, style and trends of modern day rap (drugs, sex, money, street cred, etc…) are not found here, almost making it unfair to compare this work of art to most of the other albums in the genre. From down beat to the last note, x Infinity retains an air of optimism and high class through a combination of airtight, creative production with varied, tasteful musical influences from across time periods and insightful lyricism that contain perfect rhythmic vocal notation, making the record truly special. Each track is just as interesting as the last and an overall joy to listen to making it hard to see someone finding themselves bored or uninterested while listening. Not only is this a record that could contend for album of the year, but one that will become an instant classic and a must for any fans of hip hop.

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