Album Review: Any Given Day – Everlasting

With the continual shift towards more experimental and progressive elements and styles in metal, there’s a lack of older, more stereotypical acts that retain the sense of heavy, constant pounding music many people initially fell in love with. This is where the old, but familiar adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes in to play for some bands as they clearly enjoy creating and playing the music that got them into the industry. One such act that hasn’t delved into this realm of experimentation is German metalcore outfit Any Given Day. On paper they provide the typical sound featuring catchy hooks, massive breakdowns, pulsating double bass and bouncy riffs. In reality, they manage to transcend many of their peers and stand out as showcased on their upcoming record, Everlasting, which is a prime example of what the stereotypical metalcore sound can provide when created by a precise, talented group of musicians.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Redfield Records
Release: August 26, 2016
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First off, if the aforementioned “generic” style of metalcore isn’t up ones alley, then this record probably won’t resonate. From beginning to end, Everlasting is a showcase of an older style of metalcore as there’s a display of harsh vocals intermixed with melodic choruses on top of constant pounding drums, bouncy basslines and rhythmic, consistent guitar riffs. Furthermore, they never rely on one singular element such as breakdowns, constant chugs or downtuned guitars; instead they breathe life into each song with beautifully crafted harmonies, guitar solos and infectious riffs. They are able to make each song have its own identity without ever blending together while retaining a balance between the melodic and heavy aspects of metal. This ends up leading to the band, and the record itself having a clear understanding of the genre it ultimately lives in.  Any metal fan will find it hard to not head bang to the crushing riffs or to deny themselves the pleasure of singing along to the massive choruses. Essentially, Any Given Day have crafted a record that acts as a 50-minute love letter in sound to fans of metal, so those longing for something same-sounding need to look no further.

Any Given Day – Arise feat. Matthew K. Heafy of Trivium (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Official Music Video for “Arise” taken from the upcoming Album “Everlasting” OUT NOW: Thanks to Matt Heafy of Trivium!

Each member of the band shines in their own respect as guitarists Andy Posdziech and Dennis Ter pump out possibly some of the catchiest riffs in the metalcore genre and never seem to let up on the breakneck pace initiated from the get-go. Drummer Raphael Altmann provides the backbone of the music with pounding double bass while frantically providing percussive support, showcasing his ability on the kit wonderfully. Bassist Michael Golinski provides driving and bouncy bass lines while vocalist Dennis Diehl delivers fantastic low screams and brooding, metal-esque singing reminiscent of Killswitch Engage. All these elements combine to make a fantastic album, even if its not entirely original. Simply put, Everlasting is a continuation of the sound Any Given Day have crafted over their previous outputs while enhancing the sound through stronger, tighter production and instrumentation and should easily please new and old fans alike.


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