Carcer City Release New Track + Video For “Sovereign”

Carcer City have released their latest single and music video for “Sovereign”, which lives on their upcoming record Infinite / Unknown due out 9/16 on Stay Sick Recordings.

Additionally, vocalist Patrick Pinion spoke to AP about how his synesthesia, which is a neurological phenomena that allows him to see music in color, factored into the writing and recording of the new album.

“‘Sovereign’ is about the inevitability of death that will come to all of life as we know it and the problem that presents to us as mortals,” said Pinion. “How do we find meaning in a meaningless existence? Why do we get so caught up in the ultimately pointless trials and tribulations of everyday life? Why do we see ourselves as so special?”

He continues, “‘Sovereign’ is a song to remind everyone that none of this has any real meaning or structure. It’s a song to remind people that in the face of death only one thing matters — enjoying the ride! Do what makes you happy.”

Carcer City – Sovereign OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Purchase now: Follow: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: I’ve been waiting for you since the beginning, before you were alive or breathing, I’ve seen this world from a place of greater understanding. So tell me, did you ever consider?

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