Exclusive Premiere: Harry Releases New Single “Dimepiece”

Music allows for such a wide spectrum of self expression, you honestly never know what to expect which is what truly makes it such a great outlet. It can range from deep thought provoking material to crazy, all out fun to comedic relief, and within that range there is something for everyone. That’s why it’s our pleasure to introduce you to comedy disco artist Harry Ostrem; a singer/songwriter and bassist who is destined for rock & roll glory. Mixing the rich world of funk and disco with tongue-in-cheek comedic bits, he has found a way to bring two of his favorite worlds together.

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Below, you can take a first listen to his new single, “Dimepiece (These Gigolos)” which lives on his debut album, Muffs. The upcoming album was imagined while running on Venice Beach at dawn in extremely suggestive shorts and is to be released in coming months. Dizzy Reed of Guns N’ Roses aptly states, “Harry’s sound is like the Muppets staying up all night doing the what-have-you’s at Studio 54.” It should also be noted that all rumors of Harry being involved with socialist political movements in Latin America during the 1980’s are completely unfounded.

Dimepiece (These Gigolos) by Harry Muffs Disco

It’s hard being this sexy. I’ll play the game and be wined and dined. I’ll be your Dimepiece. But remember this; at the end of the day, you’re just another number. You’ll have to get in line with all the other models.


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