Anthony Green Premieres New Live Acoustic Video for “Cellar”

With his much anticipated new album Pixie Queen due out in a little over a month (9/9), Anthony Green has released a new live acoustic video for his track “Cellar”. The video, premiered on Bullett, is one of his favorite songs off the new album. He first heard it while on tour with Saosin, and immediately identified with it and knew he had to record a version himself. On the song, Green states, “The song was originally written by my friend Jeremy SH Griffith. I heard a working demo of it on an overnight drive and it possessed me. All I wanted to do was learn it, fuck with it and play it all the time. So happy to have it be part of this album, because it feels exactly like I wanted to say.”

Anthony Green – Cellar (Live At Studio 4)

A special acoustic version of “Cellar” by Anthony Green filmed at Studio 4. Pixie Queen available via Memory Music on September 9th, 2016.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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