Secret Space Release ”Stars” Acoustic Video

Toledo, OH’s Secret Space have released an acoustic performance of “Stars”. The track comes from their debut album ‘The Window Room‘ which is out now on Equal Vision Records. Pick up the album on MerchNow or on iTunes and check out the video for the acoustic version of ”Stars” below.

For me, “Stars” has always been about spontaneity. Lyrically, I wanted to touch on the balance between being comfortable and being challenged. If you’re too comfortable, like I say in the song, it feels like you could disintegrate or waste away and lose yourself. That’s why it’s important to challenge yourself and make sure there is some kind of urgency in your life. What’s so cool to me about that message is that’s exactly how we wrote the song,” reveals vocalist/guitarist Dean Tartaglia. “We had two extra days left in the studio to finish our album so we decided to write one more song and try and top all the others so far, and I believe we did. The writing process was so ‘in the moment’ that there was no time to overthink it, and because I wrote the lyrics literally while the drums and bass were being tracked, I wrote about what I was feeling in that one specific moment.”

He adds, “What I love most about playing this song acoustic is how different a vibe it has than the full band version. I’ve always believed these songs hit people harder when they are stripped down, I think the lyrics feel more real and I plan on doing quite a few more of these acoustic sessions in the future!”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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