Take A LIsten To Act As If’s New Single “All the Girls”

If you’re in need of something a bit dance-y, upbeat and indie, Act As If has you covered with their new single “All the Girls”. The track its an extremely fun and catchy tune that hits all the right spots and lives on their upcoming EP Lovers Online. 

Lovers Online is a bold, fun leap forward for us; we are incredibly proud and excited to show it off,” explains vocalist Peter Verdell. “Sonically, this is the most focused we’ve ever been, and it’s the first time I’ve shed the pressure of ‘we need to have a hit and get huge.’ Ironically…this is probably the most commercially viable stuff we’ve done.”

All the Girls by Act As If

Debut track from Act As If’s upcoming EP ‘Lovers Online.’ [release date Sept 2016]

What Are Your Thoughts!

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