My Iron Lung Stream New Album ‘Learn To Leave’

My Iron Lung are streaming their new album, Learn To Leave ahead of its release on Pure Noise Records this coming Friday. The band has built an impressive, dedicated following since the release of their critically heralded 2014 debut record, Relief. With the upcoming release of their sophomore effort, Learn To Leave, they continue their meteoric trajectory with an album that showcase their brilliant amalgam of post-hardcore influences and emotionally wrought musical style. Tracks like “The Same House” and “Learn To Leave” shine a light on this, bearing witness to the band’s incredible songwriting ability.

My Iron Lung “In Hiding”

CD/Vinyl/Merch: iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Hardcore/ Punk Playlist: Facebook: Twitter: IN HIDING LYRICS It’s these things I don’t want So I push and pull and navigate to the place I feel most comfortable Where I can keep my mind off everything, where I can

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