Album Review: Hellions – Opera Oblivia

It’s been well stated that children are much more adaptable than we give them credit for. Somewhere along the path of growing up, that adaptability tends to lose its appeal and many people become uncomfortable with any semblance of change in their routine. This concept applies to music in an unbelievable amount of ways; from bands who continue making the same style over and over to the fans who give up on a band after they change their sound. Lately though, there’s been a wave of change in the metalcore scene as the traditional “core” sound many fell in love with is dissipating as bands vye for a more appealing, mainstream direction. Sure, many fans accept the changes and go with them, but many also boldly state their opinion and refuse to accept it, which has led fan divisiveness to be at a seemingly all time high. Australian natives Hellions have dealt with change admirably on their third record, Opera Oblivia, which sees the band adapt to the recent trends in the scene while retaining their iconic, aggressive sound they’ve become known for.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: UNFD / Rise Records
Release: July 29, 2016
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When the album was announced, Hellions indicated they wanted the record to be an escape for its listeners, taking them on a journey and being alongside them for the highs and lights in life. In order to do that correctly, Opera Oblivia would need to be a record that showcased a willingness to experiment, and that is exactly what it did, becoming one of the strongest elements presented. With such variety found, it’s hard to truly define the album into one genre and category, which if done correctly (which it is), only bolsters their approach. From the crushing riffs found in hardcore and metalcore, the nu-metal vocal approach and the punk influences throughout its musicality, it’s truly a record that takes from all walks of music, helping it stand out prominently.

Hellions – Quality of Life [Official Music Video]

Quality Of Life is taken from the new Hellions album ‘Opera Oblivia’ – Out July 29th via UNFD / Rise Records. Pre-Order ‘Opera Oblivia’ – Video by Neal Walters LYRICS: So if i’ve got your contempt, then know you’ve got mine covet a home of trinkets, living supine so tell me what is real and all that constitutes that a collared man breathes on your neck, they’re on your back Intact, fuck that, I pity you.

There are a variety of elements found throughout the album that listeners will be able to attach to with ease. From its catchy, choruses, sweeping guitar leads and crunchy, bouncy riffs and basslines to the combination of nu-metal vocal stylings with punk instrumentation and string accompaniments that help create the high and low atmosphere, there’s influence from everywhere. Hellions took a different approach with the vocal delivery on Opera Oblivia as well as signing is much more prominently featured compared to their previous releases, which becomes one of the highlights of the record. Songs like “Thresher” and “Nightline Rhapsody” end up becoming some of the most memorable tracks the band have created in their career thus far. Furthermore, they showcase a more punk driven sound relying less on breakdowns and heavy riffs for the aggressiveness and more on composition as displayed in “Quality of Life” and “He Without Sin (Halation)”.

Hellions show an impressive amount of maturity and vision for the variety of genres that is displayed on the album. Often, when a band steps out of their comfort zone, the final product feels disjointed and messy, which is not the case with Opera Oblivia. Each song feels like it belongs, even with all the stylistic additions and shifts, bringing with it continuity old fans will appreciate while welcoming new fans with open arms. For those who haven’t been privy to Hellions before, now is the perfect time to jump in and for those who have, it’s unlikely disappointment will happen.

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