EP Review: Mayberry – Beautiful Mess

When discussing Texas and the music that hails from the state, the mind tends to wander towards a singular result; country music. While it is true that certain areas of the state are notably famous for the not only the music, but the lifestyle itself, there’s a plethora of styles that derive from all over. Dallas has been outputting solid rock and metal acts for many years while Austin continues to be a breeding ground of indie and alternative sounds. Blending the best sounds from all over the area, pop rock outfit and Texan natives Mayberry have quickly become a band to know thanks in part to a cover song competition while they’ve let their talent do most of the talking, as so predominantly on display with their new EP, Beautiful Mess.

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Genre: Pop Rock | Alternative
Label: Independent
Release: July 22, 2016
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Sonically, Beautiful Mess is an EP that lives up to its namesake; it’s a collection of 6 well-crafted songs that incorporate elements from a multitude of genres, resulting in a literal beautiful mess of varied sounds. At its heart and soul, this is a pop driven record as the songs are crafted in a very verse-chorus-verse driven structure with huge melodies, beautiful harmonies and irresistible vocals. That being said, vocalist Esteban Rodriguez has put it best when he said the band put no boundaries on themselves and ended up with a set of varied, completely different songs that didn’t really fit together. This ideology comes to fruition from the get-go as “Wildfire” opens up the record with its smooth and pulsing beat underneath layered vocals and a catchy hook. “On Top of the World” sees the band embracing more of a rock side as it comes across with a deeper, heavier tone and interwoven synths that is vastly different from what the rest of the EP offers. Up next, “Say What You Want from Me” is a brief, near ballad style track mixed in with electronic effects to add substance to an emotional, lyrically driven track. “Don’t Be Shy” is a standout pop song that relies less upon electronics and more on the bands instrumental talent with littered guitar riffs, slamming piano chords and sultry vocals. The EP comes to an end with two different approaches, once again continuing the theme of varied – “Find My Way” could aptly be summarized as a Lumineers output due to its strong Americana vibes while “Coming Home to You” closes out the release with a minimalistic approach relying heavily on the plucking of a guitar string.

Mayberry – Wildfire [Official Lyric Video]

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At the core, Beautiful Mess is a 6 track EP that doesn’t necessarily showcase how great Mayberry is at creating music in a singular genre; instead it showcases their overall ability as musicians due to the intermixing of genres and sounds. There isn’t necessarily the most longevity to be found here and the flow does tend to stumble due to the stylistic changes, but it so appropriately lives up to its name in not only that it sounds like a mess of sounds, but it’s beautiful in presentation and delivery. What the band set out to do with the record – display themselves to the world and give people a realization music doesn’t need to be entirely cohesive is admirably accomplished, but there’s a tingling feeling that the next release could be so much more with a tighter overall direction.

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