Forevermore Release New Song “Noumina” + Podcast

Metalcore outfit Forevermore have released their newest track, “Noumina” off their upcoming album Integral (due out next Friday). The visuals accompanying the song (of colored sand) tie into the band’s forthcoming album as it’s a concept based around the theory of Spiral Dynamics. This theory purports that humanity has gone through a series of major shifts in its way of thinking. Each phase is represented by a different color which is represented on the album.

“Noumina” corresponds with the Purple stage of Spiral Dynamics, which arose as humanity began to move from a hunter gatherer lifestyle into a more communal or “tribal” way of living. In this stage, priorities shifted from mere survival toward ensuring the safety of the tribe and appeasing the mystical forces of nature in order to gain their favor.

To further explain this concept and the development of the new album Forevermore have released their own podcast on Solid State Records soundcloud page.

Forevermore: Integral Podcast by Solid State Records

3/5ths of Forevermore break down the concepts and inspiration behind their new record “Integral”. “Integral” is out 7.22. Pre-order it here:

Forevermore – Noumina

Integral. Out Now. iTunes: Forevermore Podcast Episode 1 / Listen Now: LYRICS & CONCEPT BREAKDOWN:

What Are Your Thoughts!

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