Album Review: Fallen To Flux – Transitions

There’s a strong desire for unknown or newer bands to use the phrase “For fans of” when representing or pitching their music. It’s an easy way to tell potential readers or listeners what the band sounds like by listing bigger bands that obviously have heavy influences on their genre of choice, but it can be quite deceiving. Potential listeners will go in expecting a sound in the same vein of the bands listed and most of the time end up hearing something entirely different. That isn’t the case with upcoming melodic metal outfit Fallen To Flux as they’ve been compared to other British rock and metal bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Mallory Knox. With their debut album Transitions set to release August 5th, the band shows why they draw comparisons to the aforementioned name-stays, but also offer their own unique, standout style.

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Genre: Alternative Metal | Alternative Rock
Label: Independent
Release: August 5, 2016
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Opening up transitions is an orchestral driven track aptly titled “Intro” that slowly builds while incorporating a kick-drum and melodic guitar riff transitioning beautifully into “Transitions I”. From this point on, Fallen To Flux ramp it up to 11 with pulsating drumming and wailing guitar leads that carry on from track to track, keep the entirety of Transitions tight and cohesive sonically while vocalist Oli Clipsham’s voice soars over the music. “Sane” follows a similar sound and format as the previous track, and ultimately comes across a little duller sounding, but that changes with “Anchored”, which sees a tonal shift and gives off a darker, heavier vibe notably at the end of track. One of the bands newer singles, “Drifting” is an exemplary piece of music, oozing atmosphere as the melodies and lyricism carry the track on top of the brilliant guitar rhythm. The halfway point of the album is “World of Ashes”, which comes across as a stadium-pleaser with its high and low moments between the verse-chorus structure on top of screaming guitar riffs and brief moments of group chants.

Fallen to Flux – Drifting [Official Lyric Video]

The official lyric video for “Drifting”, directed by Goonzi for 12 Inch Media. Taken from the debut album “Transitions”, available 5th of August 2016! Drifting is now live on Spotify, iTunes and many more!

What was heard on the first half of the record is ultimately heard on the second half of the record. This doesn’t mean the tracks are the same, as they are far from it; in actuality, it means that the album maintains its rapid flurry and pace and doesn’t lose its luster. “Razor’s Edge” starts things off with a somber guitar as Oli’s voice comes in loud and clear. As the track progresses, it ramps up in intensity with the full on band sound before ultimately returning to the somber opening sound. “Worth Fighting For” sees the return of pounding drums, crashing cymbals and sharper, heavier toned guitar work. “This Crushing Fear”, is quite possibly the best track to showcases Fallen To Flux’s overall musicianship. It opens up with pop-stylized vocals while slowly building over minimalistic instrumentation before hitting full force as the weight of the band kicks in. “Colder” has more an edgier punk style found throughout the track while “To the Wolves” sees a return to the atmospheric, somber sound found in prior tracks. The albums closer, “Transitions II”, is a culmination of everything heard throughout Transitions making an appropriate end to a solid album.

It’s hard to place your finger on the exact genre and sound that Fallen To Flux have presented with Transitions. The utilization of twangy-bass showcases their ability to incorporate more alternative metal sounds, the double-bass kick drum and moments of dropped guitars leads into heavier styles while the vocals and song structure are reminiscence of pop and punk outfits. While the comparisons to other artists are fair, these guys show what they can offer to the genre rather than take from it, which ultimately is what any good musician wants to do and any fan should enjoy.

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