EP Review: Milestones – Equal Measures

Every musical genre offers its own take on variation and diversity, but one of the more cliched and same sounding genres is usually pop punk. It can often be hard to find a band that resonates with the listener and stands out amongst the noise due to the tropes that make punk music punk, it sort of has to be cliched; but many bands have evolved past those cliches with forward thinking ideas and progressive sounds while still living in the realm of pop punk. UK pop punk act Milestones are aiming are hot off a record deal with Fearless Records and are aiming to change the stigma surrounding their musical choice with the release of their debut EP, Equal Measures.

[tw-toggle title=”About Milestones UK”]
Genre: Pop Punk
Release: July 8, 2016
Label: Fearless Records
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play
Connect: Facebook | Twitter

Don’t be fooled, Milestones is not your average pop punk band. While they may not be reinventing the wheel, Equal Measures is sure to leave listeners with a lasting impression. The band excels in their diversity due in part to their infectious, bouncy choruses and mature songwriting. “Call Me Disaster” is one the standouts songs on the EP with its anthem-like choruses and fun, upbeat guitar riffs. “Hindsight” immediately hooks the listener with its catchy gang vocals and catchy guitar work and the band steps out of their comfort zone completely with the ballad “Shot in the Dark.”

Milestones – Call Me Disaster (Official Music Video)

ITUNES: http://smarturl.it/equalmeasures SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/13qldQFvA9dK3NfyOiC4za Debut EP ‘Equal Measures’ available now. Stay connected: http://milestonesband.co.uk http://facebook.com/MilestonesUK http://twitter.com/ukmilestones http://instagram.com/ukmilestones LYRICS: I guess I am stuck in this in-between It’s gone 24 hours but I just can’t sleep It’s not that easy anymore It’s not that easy So take me back again Nothing’s appealing So take me back again So you can call me disaster It’s so nice to meet you but I think I’ll say goodbye once, maybe twice This is the last time Get up!

Variety is a very important aspect for new bands, let alone any band, as it shows listeners that they can differentiate themselves from other bands of the genre. While Equal Measures does see Milestones utilize a lot of the same elements throughout their songs (gang vocals, sappy themes, simplistic instrumentation), they do it in a way that allows each song to stand on its own feet without it ever feeling repetitive. That kind of composition is only more evidence of the bands mature songwriting and ability to craft catchy sounding music. Equal Measures isn’t a huge step forward for the pop punk genre as a whole, but it is proof that bands can expand beyond the typical genre tropes and create an engaging sound for fans and non-fans alike to enjoy.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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