Hollow Bones Stream “Altruistic Lung” Video

Melodic hardcore outfit Hollow Bones have dropped their newest music video for “Altruistic Lung”. The song lives on their recently released debut album Lionheart.

Vocalist Patrick Anthony tells Punknews.org: “While the video for ‘Altruistic Lung’ is mostly a performance video, we decided to choose something as simple as a flower to represent the message behind the song. Don’t let something that could be beautiful die out before it even has a chance to shine. Tell the people that you love what they mean to you, and use love and music to heal.”

Hollow Bones – Altruistic Lung [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Album out now at: http://hollowbones.bigcartel.com/ Facebook.com/hollowbonesny Hollowbonesny.bandcamp.com Twitter.com/hollowbones_hc Instagram @hollowbonesny Video done by Lawton Meyer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9dUSRxOtPZFvkkKXpoyag She’s so totally in love with me But I am too much of a fucking coward To be anything for her Because I am too afraid to find something worthy of love in myself

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