New Artist Spotlight: Brēzy Releases New Single “Riptide”

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio Brēzy is an upcoming indie-pop singer and songwriter who has worked with artists such as Florrie, Jessie J, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Wanted, Fifth Harmony, Guy Sebastian and more. Following the release of her festival themed debut, “I Met This Dude at Coachella”, the singer is back with her new track “Riptide”.

About the song, Brēzy stated, “Everyone knows riptides are dangerous to get caught in. My new song, ‘Riptide,’ is about one of those relationships where the harder you try to fight, the more the relationship pulls you under, just like a riptide. They say if you get caught in a riptide to go with its pull and it will end up spitting you back out; but, if you struggle against it, it could end up exhausting you and pulling you entirely under. So for me, it was the perfect metaphor to describe how sometimes you can’t fight the way you’re feeling. And, sometimes when you do, it just makes things worse. I was in a relationship where I was going through this exact situation and was learning not to pressure myself. I surrendered to the ‘riptide’ and waited for it to spit me back out.  I think this is something so many people have gone through at one time or the other. Basically, being in a relationship you may think is not the best for you, but you just go along with it. It’s kind of a serious topic, but I wanted to take a lighthearted approach to the whole scenario, which is why the song is an up-tempo one. Plus, taking the lighthearted approach is how I try to live my life, because, hey, we have all been there. So, just to do the best you can. Riptides don’t last FOREVER! You just have to survive the moment.”

Riptide by brezy

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