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There’s undoubtedly no better feeling in the world than accomplishing something you set your mind to and seeing your hard work pay off. That is exactly what Floridian rock / punk outfit Felicity have done as their new EP, Brace Yourself came out this past January and the band has been picked to play the Orlando date on this years Vans Warped Tour. We got a chance to talk to the band about their recent accomplishments, how they create their music and whats next for the guys who make up the band.

We always like to open up any interview with background on the people we’re talking to. That being said, is there anything unknown, or relatively unknown to the general populace that you’d like to share about yourself (anything goes)? –

We’re always being asked how we met and founded the band and it’s funny to tell them the truth; we all met on Craigslist. Every musician knows the struggle of forming a band trough Craigslist, so it’s just funny how we all found each other.

As a band, Felicity has become a rather common name in the scene in Orlando and the surrounding cities in Florida. For those who aren’t from there, could we get a little background on the band and everyone in it?

The band started with Andrew and Damien rocking out in the garage of Damien’s parent’s house (how stereo-typical) and then evolved over the years into the band we are today. At first we wrote a batch of songs then just started playing as many shows as possible. We would play at least one show every single weekend for months. That’s how we learned to play together and that’s how you get the FELICITY show you see today.

For newer bands, one of the ways of getting people to listen to their music seems to be by comparing their sound to bigger, more established bands. Do you feel using comparisons of sounds like A Day to Remember, State Champs and Rise Against have helped you draw in people that may have ignored you?

It’s kind of a 50/50 draw. Some people tend to lean towards bands that are similar to the sounds & genres they’re familiar with, so they’re more inclined to give us a listen and enjoy what they hear, hopefully. Sometimes, it can also steer individuals away by comparing ourselves to these larger acts because they may feel like we’re copying, not the exact same, or just don’t like those bands. You never know so that’s why we tell everyone we sound like, ‘FELICITY.’

What are the ultimate goals or driving force behind the band? Is it getting signed to a label that fits your needs, playing sold out arena shows or just creating music? Basically, what is it that ultimately makes the band tick?

For every one of us, this is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. We want to make this dream a reality, and we know hard work and devotion are what will get us there. We’d love to have tours across the continents and play huge festivals, even headline Warped Tour one year. We know we’re not getting any younger, and we don’t want to look back in our older years and wonder, ‘What if? What if we did this or that?’ You gotta give it everything you got and now is the time.

The creative process behind record releases always intrigues us, and surely many others. So starting at the beginning essentially, where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to writing music? Going deeper, do you write the lyrics first and then make the instrumentals around it or what’s the overall process like for the band?

You know; it varies per each new song. We tend to write songs about experiences that happen to each of us, to show our audience that we have our own complications through life as well, and that we’re not any different than anyone of you; we’re all the same, One, and together we can overcome anything. So when we begin expressing these emotions musically, it’ll start by a simple guitar riff or chord pattern, maybe a vocal melody or lyrical line. From there, we try to focus on what experience or story we want to convey, and start building from there.

This past January saw the release of your second EP, Brace Yourself, which you recorded with Andrew Wade. What made you want to record with him versus someone else and what kind of influence did he have on the overall outcome of the release?

Working with Andrew Wade was simply a dream come true for us. When we sat at listened to records and decided what “sound” we wanted, we kept coming back to Andrew Wade. He has written and produced some of our favorite records, and records that have gone GOLD like ‘Homesick’ by A Day To Remember. We knew that not only would we get our best product at the end of the day, but he would bring the most out of us. We couldn’t be happier with how it came out and we can’t wait to work with him again.

You guys have shared the stage with some extremely big names in the scene and played some rather large festival dates. On top of that, you were chosen to perform on this year’s Vans Warped Tour on July 2nd at the Orlando date, which for being relatively new and unknown is a massive step for your career. Do you ever feel as if the moments are too surreal and it’s like a dream, or do you have a methodical approach to keeping even keeled?

Honestly, it’s always a mixture of sweet-surrealism and gratefulness. We’re beyond thankful for every opportunity we’ve worked towards and are undoubtedly humbled for where we are today, but when we’re performing at these larger shows and festivals, we definitely maintain an incredibly sturdy level of professionalism, sincerity, and kindness. It’s always going to seem like a dream, but it’s what gives us the motivation to never stop.

As an unsigned band, I would love to get your thoughts on crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, PledgeMusic, etc). You see a lot of artists (even big ones) who have their own means to fund albums continue to move towards them. How do you feel about them, ie are they helping or hurting the music industry, and would you ever consider using them? –

We’ve always believed that if we can’t fund our dream, we’re not working hard enough. We know that larger bands have used these platforms before, but they’re usually for a great cause (i.e. The Ghost Inside.) We could never use them because we don’t believe in asking for money; we want to work and grind and truly feel like we’ve received what we’ve earned.  We love our fans and they support us so much as it is. Someday we may ask them for help funding our projects; but for now we take it upon ourselves to make it happen.

In a relatively recent interview, it was mentioned that after you guys finish up your summer tour that there are plans for new music in the works. Are there any plans for a full-length album or are EPs more suited to how you create music?

Well, we’d love to record a full-length, but we have to see when the time comes. Nothing will keep us from releasing new music, it’s just a matter of how much we’re able to record.

Lastly, this is your platform to voice any thoughts or anything that hasn’t been covered, so whatever you’d like to say to anyone who reads this, feel free to drop it here.

We’d like to personally thank each and every single person who has come to a show, bought merchandise, shared our music, and have been there to support us at any point in our existence. Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, and because of you individually, you’ve helped us get one step closer each; from your boys in FELICITY, Thank You. We’d like to extend our sincerest condolences to our Orlando family. We’ve been shaken up the last 2 weeks, but we’re a community, a family, and united we will overcome together. Fear can show itself, but we won’t let it take who we are. We love you. #Orlandostrong

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us; it’s been a pleasure and can’t wait to see where this summer and your newfound opportunities take you.

Thank you so much for having us!

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