McKail Seely Releases Acoustic Rendition of “Trespassing”

Singer-songwriter McKail Seely has released an acoustic rendition + video for her song “Trespassing”.

“‘Trespassing’ is a political song that I co-wrote with Ariana Tibi and Jesse Macleod,” she elaborates. “A few months back, I was visiting Ariana at her home in Calabasas. We sat down and began to share some song ideas. I ended up sharing the first verse of what is now titled ‘Trespassing’ and I could tell by the look on her face that the song was resonating with her. She began to sing jazzy melodies that intertwined with mine and as soon as we knew it, we had written the entire chorus and came up with the title.” 

“Trespassing” – McKail Seely ft. Jesse Macleod

“Trespassing” – McKail Seely ft. Jesse Macleod McKail’s Socials: Jesse’s Socials: Written by – McKail Seely, Ariana Tibi, & Jesse Macleod Filmed by – Steven Smith / Edited by – Jesse Macleod

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