Forevermore Release New Song + Video for “Order”

Metalcore outfit Forevermore have unleashed their newest single + video for “Order”, which lives on their upcoming album Integral.

The video’s strong use of the colors red and blue plays into the album’s main concept. That concept is based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics which purports that humanity has gone through a series of major shifts in its way of thinking. The record follows the perspective of a man who has been granted immortality, allowing him to witness and embody these shifts in thought patterns through each stage of human history. “Order” portrays the main character’s experience within the “blue mode” (which represents order and stability) after the chaos of the “red mode.”

Forevermore – Order

Integral. Out Now. iTunes: LYRICS & CONCEPT BREAKDOWN: LYRICS: The Order finds me Havoc flees I find myself, my reason I am only a fragment of her physique We say unto you, dispose of all you possess Embrace us Law scribed on our hearts The Order states My purpose and my place: To be a part of the body Enslaved to truth, yet freed of my primal ways Fed up with seeking glory Unsatisfied Won’t you submit to her law?

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