Silent Planet Premiere Video for “Orphan”

Continuing to explore the human mind and touch on a topic that most people shy away from, Silent Planet have released their newest track + video for “Orphan”. The song explores the cultural chasm between the western and eastern world. In the recent political sphere, we’ve seen instance after instance of politicians framing our narrative of other cultures around the world – often painting other cultures and religions with one broad brush to lead us to unfounded conclusions. Simultaneously, we see the same political tactics being used on the other side of the world – often fanning the flames of fanaticism and anti-West sentiment. Orphan examines two men, caught between the poles of extremism and confusion at one another’s culture. The video shows how perception of one another can so often distort reality – bringing us to the greatest illness of all: Fear.”

Silent Planet – Orphan

Silent Planet’s new album “Everything Was Sound” is out now! LYRICS: Respective perspectives worshiping directives – blindly killing for our dogma,[1] until our sons meet in the garden.[2] Torches scald the night sky; the youth rise up and set their elders to the gallows.[3] Fire in the lighthouse: All our advances, a spark away from conflagration.

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