The Weekly Drop: June 6 – 10

Two weeks into June and as we are nearing the official start of summer, great music is being released almost weekly. While lacking on the hip hop and electronic side of music this week, there’s a large amount of pop, alternative and rock releases to fill up your ears with great music. On with the weekly drop!

Artist: Air
Album: Twentyyears
Genre: Electronic


Twentyears, an album by Air on Spotify

Artist: Another Lost Year
Album: Alien Architect
Genre: Alternative Rock

Alien Architect

Alien Architect, an album by Another Lost Year on Spotify

Artist: Band of Horses
Album: Why Are You OK
Genre: Indie

Why Are You OK

Why Are You OK, an album by Band of Horses on Spotify

Artist: Garbage
Album: Strange Little Birds
Genre: Alternative Rock

Strange Little Birds

Strange Little Birds, an album by Garbage on Spotify

Artist: I Am King
Album: Acoustic EP
Genre: Acoustic


Acoustic, an album by I Am King on Spotify

Artist: Jon Bellion
Album: The Human Condition
Genre: Pop

The Human Condition

The Human Condition, an album by Jon Bellion on Spotify

Artist: Kaleo
Album: A/B
Genre: Blues / Rock


A/B, an album by KALEO on Spotify

Artist: letlive.
Album: If I’m The Devil…
Genre: Post Hardcore / Rock

If I’m The Devil…

If I’m The Devil…, an album by letlive. on Spotify

Artist: Living In Fiction
Album: Prisoner
Genre: Alternative Rock

Living in Fiction

Living in Fiction, an album by Living in Fiction on Spotify

Artist: Nahko and Medicine for The People
Album: Hoka
Genre: Indie


HOKA, an album by Nahko and Medicine for the People on Spotify

Artist: Nick Jonas
Album: Last Year Was Complicated
Genre: Pop

Last Year Was Complicated

Last Year Was Complicated, an album by Nick Jonas on Spotify

Artist: Rival Sons
Album: Hollow Bones
Genre: Classic Rock

Hollow Bones

Hollow Bones, an album by Rival Sons on Spotify

Artist: Saliva
Album: Love, Lies & Therapy
Genre: Rock

Love, Lies & Therapy

Love, Lies & Therapy, an album by Saliva on Spotify

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