Forevermore Release New Track + Video For “Nascent”

Metalcore quintet Forevermore have released their newest track + music video for “Nascent”, which is the first taste of their upcoming album, Integral, set to release 7/22 on Solid State Records.

An elephantine track, the song is propelled by metal brawn delivered with hardcore brevity. Equally solid is the band’s message for the song and the album. As guitarist Jared Storm reveals “the concept behind Integral has to do with the development of the human mind – how it changes and evolves over time. It is based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics, which tells us that humanity has gone through a series of major shifts in our way of thinking. The record follows the perspective of a man who has been granted immortality, allowing him to witness and embody these shifts in thought patterns through each stage of human history.”

“Nascent” is the first song on the album and represents the most basic mode of consciousness, that of survival. Storm elaborates “In the theory of Spiral Dynamics this mode is referred to as the ‘Beige Mode’ where most of our mental energy is directed towards survival. Millions of people across the globe are still forced into this mental state due to extreme stress or trauma: mentally ill street people, victims of famine and warfare, sufferers of extreme poverty and deprivation, etc. One of our goals with this song and video is to call attention to the plight of people forced to revert into this mode and to shed light on how people in later modes of Spiral Dynamics can be contributing to this mental regression.”

Forevermore – Nascent

Integral. Out Now.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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