Ira Hill Joins O’Kingdom on “The Lost Souls Tour”

Ohio natives Ira Hill have announced they’ll be supporting O’Kingdom on their upcoming tour “The Lost Souls Tour”. This will be the 4th national tour in the last year for Ira Hill and their second visit to Texas since SXSW in March. O’Kingdom will be releasing their new EP, Anthem For The Lost on June 22nd.

Touring with O’Kingdom has been on our to-do list ever since playing with them at the iMatter Festival in New York last August. Lots of sweat, paint, and breakdowns in store for anyone coming out to the shows, should be a real treat! Also very excited to be bringing back our photographer Joe Banker with us. Always quality shots and helps keep us sane over the stretch of weeks! -Jordon, Drummer

The Lost Souls Tour Poster

What Are Your Thoughts!

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