Band Interview: Daydream Frenzy

The more mellow, softer side of rock has been making waves over the past years and there hasn’t been a better place for this sound resurgence than the western European countries. Hailing from Aberdeen, Daydream Frenzy are one of those bands riding this wave with a atmospheric, catchy sound that blends the best of bands like Angels & Airwaves with the punk aspects of Jimmy Eat World. We got a chance to talk to these guys about their creation process, the differences between their past releases and their newest release, Ocean Air (out today) and a few other things. You can catch up with all things related to the band on their Facebook page.

To ease ourselves into this, we like to find out some of the more personal aspects of bands. Without spilling the obvious deepest, darkest secrets you clearly hold, is there anything that many people may not know about you? Feel free to say anything!

Hmm. Here is one that we haven’t made public yet. We each have matching tattoos! A ‘DF’ on our arms. Essentially, we made a sort of promise that if we are ever on telly, sell out our hometown, release an album and go on tour we would do it!  Last year that happened so we did it.

In an interview from last year, someone asked you to describe your sound and the resulting answer was a bit like Angels & Airwaves meets Jimmy Eat World – sort of alt rock/punk. Do you feel this still fits or has the sound matured and evolved into something else?

I’m going to sound so stereotypical but we feel our sound has definitely matured. We are taking what we say in songs a bit more seriously and concentrating on the message a little bit more too.

Tying in with the previous question, there are obvious influential artists that many musicians will draw from. Do you try to keep those influences at bay or are you open to letting their sound come through in yours?

We are definitely open to it and still collectively listen to so many different artists. I think Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco are coming through a little bit more on this. Tom DeLonge and Angels & Airwaves are still a huge influence on us.

Daydream Frenzy – Shout

Daydream Frenzy- Shout ‘Shout’ – available to download NOW! Single from the ‘Ocean Air’ EP released May 27th Video Shot & Edited by Stuart Breadner at Shoootback Song Produced by Nick Scholey

I always like to get more of a background on the recording process and behind the scenes aspect of album creations. With that being said, how does your guys’ writing process start for the music you make? Is it life experiences, fan interaction, random ideas, etc?

It’s a mix of everything. The process for us is usually music first and foremost. The direction and feel of the chorus will lead to lyrics. That being said, sometimes the lyrics and chorus will be put forward from Donald on acoustic guitar and we will jam it out. From releasing our album last year- with the build up and everything in between – we simply learnt more and more that if you want something done -do it yourself. Make your own path. It’s easy to get down from playing to no one too -It’s all part of the continued growth of the band. That aspect sort of influenced a few of the songs on the EP too. Just to go for it.

Additionally, what do you feel is the most important aspect of the process to have nailed down before you head into the studio and then once you’re in the studio, does that change? Are you guys a pretty go with the flow style or do you feel the need to have things solidified?

The structure has to be there. The instruments have to be 100% complete and tight as anything. Sometimes the song will develop and more ideas will spring to mind or changes which is totally healthy and we work as a democracy so if we all agree on small changes whilst recording we do it. It’s great fun to see the tweaks come to life and add to the song like you would never imagine. Vocal harmony is usually done in the studio too.

With the newest release coming up, what do you feel are some of the biggest differences between the overall recording process and sound from Pride & Wonder to Ocean Air?

I think Ocean Air has an overall bigger sound. In all aspects. We have really taken our time. 3 new songs over 8 months and we learnt a lot from recording Pride & Wonder and one of those was never ever rush anything!

Some (probably most) artists want fame and fortune while others want to spread a message and give off positive influences. What do you guys want your music to do and have you started to see any outcome to that as of yet, or is it too early to tell?

It’s still early days. I think our personal goal in this band is to travel, see the world and support our favourite bands and from that grow and make a living. Fame and fortune are things that happen when you reach that goal and then get really really lucky. Although it’s fun to dream. To be able to see the world and to make this our lives would be great!

Now to the fun stuff – what’s one of the craziest stories you’ve had while on the road touring or in the studio recording?

We stopped off and played a random shed party ages ago on tour. Apart from that my mind is blank!

What’s been the best experience you’ve had as musicians and ultimately, has there been a moment where you felt such satisfaction and knew this is exactly what you should be doing?

When we had our first hometown sold out show at Downstairs, Aberdeen in 2014. That was a great atmosphere. Everyone was smiling and it really made us feel like we should keep this up as it was so much fun to play a show like that.

Lastly, and most importantly, anything you would like to say to everyone who has a chance to read this? 

Come and catch us at a live show- That’s the best & most important part of a band!

That should wrap it up. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us!

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