Iodine Sky Premiere Video for “Broken Cross”

Manchester hard rock outfit Iodine Sky are set to release their upcoming album, Tides, this Friday (5/27) and in preparation of it, have released their newest music video. This time around the band have created a visual representation for their track “Broken Cross” which follows on from the previous single “So Far Away”.

For those wanting to know a little bit more, here’s Aaron explaining what Broken Cross is all about:

“Broken Cross is the first song that started Tides as a concept and our revival as a band, we hold it very closely to our hearts.

It’s about the times when you realise that someone else might love you more than you love yourself and the last thing you want is to see their world change because of it.

We think everyone’s been in a similar relationship in their lives this is our way of telling that experience, we hope you enjoy it”

Broken Cross

Official video for Manchester band Iodine Sky’s single Broken Cross.

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