Rage Against The Machine Teasing Comeback

It’s been quite some time since Rage Against The Machine has released new music, 16 years to be exact. On December 5th, 2000 the band released their final full-length, ‘Renegades’ which was a full-length that was nothing but covers and went platinum about a month after release. It is with an exciting pleasure to announce that this silence from the band might end at the end of this month.

It is worth noting before continuing that this is purely based off of the evidence we have at this point in time, and might not exactly be what the band is announcing. On May 16th, 2016 Rage Against The Machine directed fans to a mysterious website entitled, ‘Prophets Of Rage‘ with nothing more than a logo and a countdown with a hashtag saying, ‘#TAKETHEPOWERBACK’ along with a space for you to subscribe to their newsletter. After signing up for the newsletter you will be greeted with an email with another screen similar to the one you first saw when visiting the site, however on this screen it states ‘CLEAR THE WAY FOR THE PROPHETS OF RAGE, THE PARTY IS OVER, SUMMER 2016’. It is also notable that people have reported seeing posters of the logo with the website around the Los Angeles area.

You can see a screenshot of the website after signing up for the newsletter below:

Rage Against The Machine

Posters posted around the LA area can be seen below in a tweet from Flippen Music:

Prophets Of Rage

So there you have it, Rage Against The Machine may be releasing new music as early as the end of this month after 16 years of silence, or possibly a reunion tour in which the band last reunited at the LA Rising music festival in 2011. Whatever it is, I would certainly keep an eye out for the announcement at the end of the month as it seems this summer will be an interesting one.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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