Nonpoint Announce New Album ‘The Poison Red’

Earlier this year, Nonpoint announced their signing to Spinefarm Records and promised an album this summer. Today sees that promise come to fruition with the announcement of their new album, The Poison Red, out 7/8 on Spinefarm Records. The album is stated to be full of their patented, tried-and-true anthems, which fans often look to as a source of inspiration for conquering adversity in their own lives.

This record tells a lot of stories,” said vocalist Elias Soriano. “Going from guts to glory. Chasing impossible dreams down the rabbit hole. Harsh and honest words with consequences attached. Uncovered rules for the weak, made by the wicked and heartless.  Recalling fight or flight moments with a deep breath. And it all starts with a warning to all the world’s generations past, present and future to look up, look forward and live their lives loose from social media shackles, online bullying, the devaluation of art and music, and to not be absorbed by the dramatic, megalomaniacal side of politics.  Life is right outside of your phone and newsfeed. Go live it and play this record while you do. It’ll all start to make sense.”

Nonpoint - The Poison Red

[tw-toggle title=”The Poison Red Tracklist”]
1. “Generation Idiot”
2. “Foaming At the Mouth”
3. “Bottled Up Killer Bees”
4. “Rabbit Hole”
5. “Chasing White Rabbits”
6. “Standing In the Flesh”
7. “Divided.. Conquer Them”
8. “Radio Chorus”
9. “Spanish Radio Hour”
10. “El Diablo”
11. “No Running Allowed”
12. “Promises”
13. “Be Enough”
14. “My Last Dying Breath”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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