Cardinal Bay Releases Track by Track for ‘Answers’ EP

One of my favorite things behind music is the creation process; how was the song created, where did the idea come from, what is it ultimately about, etc so with post hardcore outfit Cardinal Bay gearing up for the release of their Answers EP this Friday, they decided to do a track by track explaining what’s really behind each song. Check it out below and you can check out our review of their EP here.

Answers is a song written about children growing up through parents divorce. Being separated from one parent, going through different emotions not knowing why or how!? And not knowing the whole story until they are a lot older!

Out of Sightagain a very family oriented song! It’s on the complete other end of the spectrum about fighting hard at things! Proof of the fact that a family that looks out for one another! They can be strong and stay together! (Also an underlying war theme that goes with the song) It’s all to be left to the imagination.

#Shotgunthis song is purely a party song! Highlighting the fact that “the streets come alive” at night time. “there’s more colour in the dark night sky” gives of the theme of how everyday life of going to work can be very bleak and bland!  Whereas goofing out and partying can bring some colour back to your life.

Masquerade this song is about being brought up in a town that is very small minded!  A town that doesn’t accept outsiders and doesn’t accept people trying to escape from its clutches.

There Are No Flames in Hella more catchy song, representing how people can be happy on the outside but very dark and cold inside.  A happy punchy tune with dark lyrics. So quite a nice contradiction in there.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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