EP Review: Cardinal Bay – Answers

As it evolves and grows as a musical genre, the definition of post hardcore is becoming harder and harder to pinpoint. While many bands may end up labeling their sound as that genre, it’s a very broad definition that doesn’t accurately represent many bands; especially those of which have brought in more rock and pop elements. These elements help offer a more mainstream appeal to people who put off any of the core or metal genres because of the heavy rawness and emotional screams they tend to be associated with. The latest band in taking a more modern and updated approach to the sound is UK post hardcore outfit Cardinal Bay, who are set to release their latest EP, Answers on May 13th. Self-describing their sound as post hardcore pop, the EP offers the familiarity of the old style with the innovations of today to create an impressively catchy release.

[tw-toggle title=”Cardinal Bay”]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Independent
Release: May 13, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Bandcamp

Opening up the EP is the title track “Answers”. Utilizing a solemn sounding guitar riff and then introducing a brief bit of programming, the track immediately hits the listener full force with “woah-ohs” while the instrumentation builds and the weight of the band is flowing into your ear. The band takes a different approach to each songs opening; “Out of Sight” starts with vocals right away where as “#Shotgun”, “Masquerade” and “There Are No Flames in Hell” each utilize creative riffs allowing the instrumentation to drive the songs. Transitioning nicely into the next standout feature of this EP is the ease of cohesiveness between the instrumentals and vocals Cardinal Bay have crafted. They complement each other extremely well with neither seeming out of place and allowing each band member to show off their talent while retaining a full sound. This aspect is assuredly contributed to Jonny Renshaw at Bandit Studios who did a stellar job on the production.

Cardinal Bay – Answers (Official Music Video)

Answers EP, out now! https://cardinalbay.bandcamp.com/album/answers Cardinal Bay on the net: http://www.cardinalbay.co.uk http;//www.facebook.com/CardinalBay Music video filmed and produced by Ben Lumber.

With Answers being the bands second release, it gave Cardinal Bay a chance to create a sound that resonates into their live show, and from all accounts, that’s exactly what they have done. It is easy to not only hear the growth in sound, but the maturity in songwriting when compared to their debut. While this release may be somewhat short, it hits the sweet spot with outstanding rhythm sections, driving riffs and punchy fills and even though the sound isn’t entirely innovative, Answers is a well-polished and delicately crafted release that matches the bands personal style. As a listener and fan, having a band offer their true sound is the best thing they can do.


What Are Your Thoughts!

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