Album Review: Electric Citizen – Higher Time

The 60s & 70s provided a plethora of bands that ended up becoming legends and household names in the Rock n Roll world that we know today. From Led Zeppelin to Blue Oyster Cult, their influence on music has by and large been nothing but impactful and continues to be part of the musical landscape today. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, rock outfit Electric Citizen pay true homage to the past with their old school sound and style. Following the success of their 2014 debut album Santeen, these guys are back and ready to take on the music scene once again with their new full length album, Higher Time.

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Genre: Electronica
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release: May 13, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Record Label Store

Higher Time immediately sends you back and keeps you there until you’re done with it. Everything about this album is created in a way that hearkens back to the 60s and 70s style Rock n Roll that has become the foundation for the many variants of rock that we have today. On both ends (musicians and producer) the attention to detail here is fantastic. The instrumentalists in particular do a great job of flexing their chops in a musical style that fits them very well. Laura Dolan’s vocal presence is smooth and edgy when it needs to be. All in all this is a very talented group and I can appreciate a lot of different parts of this album.

That said, the replay value isn’t very high in Higher Time. It’s fun to listen to once or twice, but after a once through it begins to become difficult to listen to. The dynamic range of each song is very limited which leaves them feeling similar to the point of monotony. This, however, is not at all the worst problem a band can have. The album isn’t bad by any means, it’s just not one that many wouldn’t mind listening to every day in your car for a month.

Electric Citizen – Golden Mean | Higher Time | RidingEasy Records

Buy – Follow us on Spotify! – Subscribe for more music: This is the official YouTube channel of independent label, RidingEasy Records, bringing you the best rock ‘n’ roll, psych, doom and heavy music on the planet.

At the core, this is a good album. Higher Time is a refreshing blast from the past that will have you rocking and rolling, but Electric Citizen hasn’t quite developed a style that stands out from every other Rock n Roll band from the time period that obviously inspires them. It’s good, but it’d be interesting to see how many more twists they can put on their style to further differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Regardless, you should at least listen to this album, because it proves that Rock n Roll isn’t dead.

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