Hail The Sun Announces New Album ”Culture Scars”

Hail The Sun have announced their new album,”Culture Scars”, is coming out on June 17 via Equal Vision Records. The album was recorded with producer Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, Hopesfall, As Cities Burn). Preorders will be made available in the coming weeks but for now check out the artwork and tracklist for the album below.

Culture Scars is a term we came up with to refer to those scars, both physical and emotional, that come about due to certain things that society deems as normal and acceptable,” shares guitarist Shane Gann. “We don’t normally put much thought into the amount of pain that may be caused by dirty politics, found within a family with a “problem child”, or existing behind the scenes of an adult entertainment shoot. These themes are so commonplace in the world, and yet there is often so much trauma and hurt that is brought about by all these scenarios. We wanted to shed some light on the darker side of what we think of as normalcy.”

“I want people to stop so easily accepting the realities that exist. We are a generation who are so comfortable watching things happen from behind screens, who are so accepting of the goings-on in the world, so long as they don’t directly affect their own lives,” he continues. “I want people to challenge themselves to think and act differently, to stop believing everything they read, to make more than just a carbon footprint. Break the mold.”

Hail The Sun - Culture Scars

[tw-toggle title=”Tracklist”]
1. Paranoia
2. Entertainment Lies
3. Body Damage
4. Words of Gratitude (Parents)
5. The “Fun” in Dysfunction
6. The People That Protect Us
7. Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years)
8. Never Kill a Mouse Let it Kill Itself
9. Ministry of Truth
10. Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results

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