Single Review: Vault 51 – Sincerely Me

When a new band is officially announced and unleashed onto the public, it’s important for it to be done in a very meticulous and carefully crafted way. If it’s done too early, the spotlight could be taken away by other, perhaps bigger bands or artists of a similar sound. If it’s done too late, the sound could be something that has “passed” so to speak and isn’t what the general public or fans of that musical genre want to hear. That’s why when newly announced Atlanta rockers Vault 51 unwrapped the veil surrounding them late last week, they took the scene by surprise with a surefire hit in their debut single “Sincerely Me”.

The 5-piece band may be new to fans, but they show off a strong maturity not often found in bands releasing their debut single. Showcasing an extremely detailed sound that blossoms with maturity — and effectively uses dual vocalists that both offer something unique to the overall bands sound, “Sincerely Me” is a track that is not only aggressive, but catchy. While bands want to write music that is true to themselves and what they’ve been through, replay-ability is assuredly a large contributing factor and this single is definitely in that realm. Additionally, Vault 51 strays away from any screams and remains in a more modern rock realm while letting the riff work and leads add an element of heaviness. With added programming, electronics subtly play throughout the track and is icing on the cake making “Sincerely Me” an incredibly strong debut song.  These guys are a band to watch not only for the remainder of this year, but for years to come.


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