EP Review: Tell the Wolves I’m Home – Persevere

There is a common saying in life, “don’t fix what isn’t broken”. This quote is quite fitting for Tennesse metalcore outfit Tell the Wolves I’m Home. Far too often you see bands trying to break the mold for the sake of progression, when in some instances all you really want to hear is a modern take on an old sound. That’s exactly what TTWIH does; taking the currently established formula, adding their own signature sound to it and executing it effectively. If your ears have been aching for bone crushing breakdowns, hammering riffs, brutal lows and melodic singing, Tell The Wolves I’m Home second EP, Persevere is exactly what you are looking for.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: April 26, 2016
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Purchase: Home

Persevere sees a slight shift in sound compared to their debut EP Ghost. A lot of the electronic elements are scaled back while the screams are heavier and more refined giving them a purer and more raw metalcore sound. One of the biggest strengths of Tell The Wolves I’m Home is the overall band talent, with each member shining in the respective roles and no one seemingly taking a backseat. This is exemplified when you listen to the record as you’ll hear every element and piece of the band, from engaging and melodic leads to the plentiful breakdowns from the guitarists. The drumming provides a solid backbone throughout the record, giving it an extra punch and the bass is crunchy and rhythmic to keep the music grooving and bouncy. The screams on the record go back and forth between punishing lows and high shrieking screams, even pushing the borders of deathcore at times, while the singing on the record is unique and manages to stand out amongst a lot of its peers. A lot of singing in metalcore today seems forced and comes across nasally, while TTWIH offers clean, strong and crisp choruses instead of the usual whiny, poppy style. Each song is able to forge its own identity in the listeners mind. The song “Bloodties” immediately pulls in the user with an incredibly catchy and melodic intro, while “Numb” has fast paced, blistering riffs that are reminiscent of Erra at times.

TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME // Cycles (Official Stream)

NEW ALBUM available 4 // 26 // 16 FACEBOOK // http://www.facebook.com/tellthewolves Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Cody Stewart (cody@reforcemedia.com) Video and Artwork by Trevor Jennings (http://www.kngdmdesign.com/) LYRICS // Take all I have Never let me go My mind is not my own cleanse the dirt from behind my eyes

Overall Persevere is a huge step forward for the band. While this release can get extremely heavy at times, Tell The Wolves I’m Home has this innate ability to blend in beautiful composition and melodic sounds to keep it appealing. Even if it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, Persevere manages to create a memorable and satisfying release for metalcore fans alike. They showcase an impressive amount of maturity for a band on only their second release. Fantastic production, (thanks to Cody Stewart of Reforce Media), catchy choruses, and hard hitting breakdowns make this a solid release and showcasing their evolution as a band. Be sure to pick it up on April 26th!



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