Album Review: Greaver – The Faun

When thinking about why people write music, there are several different reasons one could come up with. Maybe the artists are trying to tell a story, to entertain people, make music that people can identify with or feel, or even just portray or release their unadulterated emotion into the world. In most cases, it’s a combination of some or all of these. The Faun, the debut album from emotive hardcore outfit Greaver is no different in that regard, but it is different in the way it’s message and emotion comes through.

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Genre: Emotive Hardcore | Post Hardcore
Label: Cardigan Records
Release: April 29, 2016
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Hailing from Durham, NC, Greaver is a five-piece melodic / emotive hardcore band whose strength is their ability to fall back and allow simplicity to speak for itself when it needs to. They’ve clearly grasped the concept of dynamic and involved storytelling through composition, and they work together. No one instrument is overpowering another at any point when it shouldn’t be. Essentially, they’ve written music that feels very natural. It isn’t there to be bold or show off, it’s there to make you experience what the song writers were experiencing.

The acknowledgment of simplicity is not to say the album is boring or uninteresting to listen to. There are certain spots when their musical prowess shines through, however, those moments are well placed in highly intensive, involved points in the song. This makes their ability to fall back all the more impressive. Letting voice overs and emotion take over and progress the narrative rather than relying on tricks of the trade. This is an album that tells a story and is driven strongly by that story; in other words it’s a story presented through music.

The Faun speaks on some great relationship topics that are easy to identify with for many people, including deception, heartache and a deep seeded feeling of hate. If you’re looking for flashy playing and singing, look elsewhere. This is not just an album that you listen to; it’s one that takes you on a journey of humanity and relationship experiences from someone elses perspective. If you buy it (which you absolutely should), set time aside for your first listen to experience what The Faun truly offers.

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