The Weekly Drop: April 18 – 22 Releases

This week is rather quiet and perhaps the slowest it’s been since the beginning of the year, but the quality of the releases is definitely in full effect. We see a few reissues / deluxe edition releases of extremely solid albums along with followups and great debuts ranging from hip hop to alternative.

Released on 04.22.16

Artist: Dayseeker
Album: Origins [Deluxe Edition]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Take a listen:

Origin (Deluxe Edition)

Origin (Deluxe Edition), an album by Dayseeker on Spotify

Artist: Fort Hope
Album: Manne of Lawe [EP]
Genre: Rock
Take a listen:

Manne Of Lawe

Manne Of Lawe, an album by Fort Hope on Spotify

Artist: NF
Album: Therapy Session
Genre: Hip Hop
Take a listen:

Therapy Session

Therapy Session, an album by NF on Spotify

Artist: Night Argent
Album: Night Argent [EP]
Genre: Alternative Pop / Rock
Take a listen:

Night Argent – EP

Night Argent – EP, an album by Night Argent on Spotify

Artist: Pvris
Album: White Noise [Deluxe Edition]
Genre: Alternative / Rock
Take a listen:

White Noise (Deluxe Version)

White Noise (Deluxe Version), an album by PVRIS on Spotify

Artist: Summer City
Album: Reprobates [EP]
Genre: Electronic Rock
Take a listen:


Reprobates, an album by Summer City on Spotify

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