The Weekly Drop: April 11 – 15 Releases

Today marks the midway point of the month which is a little lackluster in regards to quantity of new music. That shouldn’t deter you though as there’s always some great gems to be discovered, especially on quieter weeks — and this week has quite a few of those gems.

Released on 04.15.16 

Album: Derangeable
Genre: Tech Metal
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Artist: Faultlines
Album: All We’ve Ever Known [EP]
Genre: Post Hardcore
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All We’ve Ever Known

All We’ve Ever Known, an album by FAULTLINES on Spotify

Artist: Keyes / Wearing Thin
Album: Split 7″ EP
Genre: Post Hardcore
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Artist: Larkin Poe
Album: Reskinned
Genre: Southern Rock
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Reskinned, an album by Larkin Poe on Spotify

Artist: Rarity
Album: I Couldn’t Be Weaker
Genre: Pop Punk
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Artist: Rival Tides
Album: New Rituals
Genre: Rock
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New Rituals

New Rituals, an album by Rival Tides on Spotify

Artist: Servant Sun
Album: Hundred Waves [EP]
Genre: Alternative Rock
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No stream available at this time

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