The Weekly Drop: April 11 – 15 Releases

Today marks the midway point of the month which is a little lackluster in regards to quantity of new music. That shouldn’t deter you though as there’s always some great gems to be discovered, especially on quieter weeks — and this week has quite a few of those gems.

Released on 04.15.16 

Album: Derangeable
Genre: Tech Metal
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ALIASES – Find Where You Hide (Official HD Audio – Basick Records)

ALIASES – Find Where You Hide; taken from the album – ‘Derangeable’ Order the CD here: Stream / Download: Spotify – Subscribe to Basick on YouTube: Follow ALIASES: Web – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Follow BASICK RECORDS Web – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – SoundCloud – Spotify –…

Artist: Faultlines
Album: All We’ve Ever Known [EP]
Genre: Post Hardcore
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All We’ve Ever Known

All We’ve Ever Known, an album by FAULTLINES on Spotify

Artist: Keyes / Wearing Thin
Album: Split 7″ EP
Genre: Post Hardcore
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KEYES – Sewing Circle (Official Stream)

Keyes Follow Keyes: Split 7″ EP with Keyes & Wearing Thin Available Now!

Artist: Larkin Poe
Album: Reskinned
Genre: Southern Rock
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Reskinned, an album by Larkin Poe on Spotify

Artist: Rarity
Album: I Couldn’t Be Weaker
Genre: Pop Punk
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Rarity – Hollow

Merch: iTunes: Toronto, two years ago. Spring cut off by the summer’s heat. You were lying on the concrete by the stage with your hands over your face. The song was almost over, as was your shitty day. Drown myself in alcohol, cigarettes and long distance calls.

Artist: Rival Tides
Album: New Rituals
Genre: Rock
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New Rituals

New Rituals, an album by Rival Tides on Spotify

Artist: Servant Sun
Album: Hundred Waves [EP]
Genre: Alternative Rock
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No stream available at this time

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