Iodine Sky Release New Video for “So Far Away”

With the announcement of their debut album last week, rock outfit Iodine Sky are only beginning the promotional ramp up towards its release May 27th. Today brings the release of the music video for their single, “So Far Away”, which lives off the upcoming Tides.

Vocalist Aaron comments:
“So Far Away in short is about depression, we wanted to send a message to say “you’re not alone, don’t give up”. Its the first song we ever wrote in the band and it’s what made us carry on … We’ve dedicated all the profits and theme to support project semicolon which is an amazing non profit movement to support those suffering with depression, alcoholism, addiction etc. You can find their site at

So Far Away – Iodine Sky

WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/IODINESKYOFFICIAL WWW.TWITTER.COM/IODINE_SKYUK WWW.SOUNDCLOUD.COM/IODINESKYUK WWW.REVERBNATION.COM/IODINESKYOFFICIAL WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/IODINESKYUK Official video for Iodine Sky’s single – So Far Away “So Far Away in short is about depression, we wanted to send a message to say “you’re not alone, don’t give up”. Its the first song we ever wrote in the band and it’s what made us carry on …

What Are Your Thoughts!

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