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Hailing from Leeds, UK Faultlines are a post-hardcore band formed in early 2015 and is set to release their debut EP, ‘All We’ve Ever Known’ today April 15th, 2016. To celebrate the release of the EP release we got to sit down and talk with Christina Rotondo (Vocals) about the EP, how the band formed, what it was like filming the band’s first music video & more!

1. Kindly introduce yourself to the readers, what your position in the band is, and one random fact someone may or may not know:

I’m Christina, I’m one of the vocalists of the band and my random fact is whilst recording for our debut music video drowning, I had damaged my back the day before so badly that I couldn’t walk, so I couldn’t actually move my neck whilst filming!

2. Biggest inspirations growing up?

I’m gonna say it.. Hayley Williams!! I Loved singing and she was THE female rock singer. Can ya blame me?

3. Wanna tell us a little about the band and how ‘FAULTLINES’ formed?

Benji, Chris, Sie and Oli were previously in a band called Road to Horizon. They were looking to reform the band and were looking for a vocalist, when they found me on YouTube but thought I was in another band so hesitated to contact me. After a few months they added me on Facebook anyway just to talk and found out I had actually ended from my previous band a year or so ago. Once we bounced songs back and fourth I knew instantly that my 2 year long search for a band was over. The music they sent me just clicked and it was like finding something I could finally get excited about. We then decided on the element of screams within the band and found Jake Noakes who was previously in the band Laguna Sunrise. After inviting him down we knew his screams were the perfect fit!

4. What do you think separates you from other bands in the same genre?

I think at the moment you either have female fronted bands, or you have bands that scream, whether those have a female screaming or not. You don’t really have that mixture and we like that. I get that people think there should be one vocalist, but the reason we like two is because myself and Jake both have something different to offer, and I think it works really well.

5. So you guys have an EP coming out soon titled ‘All We’ve Ever Known’, what was the writing process like?

Very different to your standard process of writing songs. I for one can’t stand being put in a room and barked at to write a song – it just doesn’t work. Originally when we started the band the guys found me on YouTube so the writing process originally started with me sending files back and fourth to Chris and Benji. It actually works really well when you have a good understanding between the band. Everyone gets to write in their own time, when inspiration hits and when it feels right. There’s nothing worse than rushed material. When Jake joined, I made sure to leave gaps in the songs that I thought would sound great for different content, and some of Jake’s lines I even wrote, and he also came in and edited some of my lines, an added some vocal melodies. Chris, Benji Sie and Oli were the ones who practiced weekly with each other, so they got to vibe a lot of material back and fourth. it was a matter of being sent lots of great sounding songs that were in pre-production stage and then sending them over for vocals, which personally is the best way I like to work. When we got to the studio is when we all sat down and discussed little tweaks to riffs and drum fills.

6. How was recording with Daniel Kerr?

It was really cool. Dan is a really chill guy to work with and I’ve never actually been in a studio to record more than just a single, so the whole week with him was really relaxing and chilled out. He’s very particular about certain things and its a great thing because we got to pay attention to details that would really make a big difference to the EP.

7. How did you decide on a title for the EP?

We had to throw a lot of names back and fourth for song titles after we had completed the EP. “All we’ve ever known” was one of those names and we all agreed that it just fit really well with the general theme for the EP. its all about experiences and multiple different stories, and it tied everything together

8. Favorite lyric from ‘All We’ve Ever Known’?

“Tie the noose around my neck, using the knife that’s in my back to cut free” – Drowning

9. Are there any tracks in particular that are personal and/or have a special meaning to you?

There isn’t really a particular one because they all have a good meaning behind them. some Jake had more of an input with writing and therefore mean more to him and some with me. They all have their own meanings and i’d love for everyone to take a listen to the EP and make their own minds up about what they really mean!

10. You recently released a brand new music video for your second single, ‘Drowning’, what was the filming experience like?

It was really fun. We filmed at an incredible location with the help from our good friend Sam from Shields. The location was such an incredible place to film in with so much history and it was really interesting. We worked with Chris Porter for our music video and there were so many different elements to the narrative which made it really enjoyable.

11. How did the concept of the video come about?

We threw a lot of ideas back and fourth. Mainly for us we always make sure everyone has a good understanding of what the song is actually about. It means that when myself and Jake are throwing lyric ideas back and fourth we are on the same page, and when we discuss music video concepts we understand what we mean.

12. Do you feel the video captures the meaning of the song well?

Definitely – BUT its open to interpretation. That’s what I like about music videos. You can write a song about a very specific time, emotion or memory, but the music video isn’t always there to point blank say “this is what this song is about.” Its metaphorical. The best part is when you let the audience figure out what it’s about, because not only does it make a really interesting narrative but it leaves them wondering and wanting to watch it again. it gets the song stuck in their mind.

13. What can fans expect from you after the release of ‘‘All We’ve Ever Known’?

We hope to release more music videos, start doing more shows and start touring too! This is only the beginning of us, we’re going to get everyone to recognize our name.

14. Any plans on coming to the states?

Obviously, its a huge dream and there’s no doubt that all of us would love to, but as you can imagine its an expensive job. If we got offered a tour, who knows!

15. Finally, is there anything you’d like to say or announce to the readers?

Remember to come check out our first ever show for our EP Launch on April 15th At KEY CLUB LEEDS – its only £4! We’re also announced for Butserfest on September 10th which is also my birthday so we’d love to meet loads of you! Keep an eye on our Facebook for more show bookings and announcements 🙂

16. That about wraps it up, thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

No problems! It’s been a pleasure!

You can listen to ‘Drowning’ below:

FAULTLINES – Drowning [Official Music Video]

Official music video for Drowning by FAULTLINES Contact Management: PR: Official Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: Faultlines_band Video by LIFEISART Visuals Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Kerr @ Avenue Studios Theres a catch in my throat, and i’m drowning in my words, Who will save me when you’re dreaming, awake?

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