Album Review: Larkin Poe – Reskinned

One of my favorite things about music is the flexibility it has as a platform for musicians and fans alike. Undeniably, there’s a variety of artists, genres, styles, elements and so on that someone, somewhere will inevitably enjoy. Additionally, as music has evolved and progressed as an art-form, artists have begun mixing styles from multiple genres to create something that will hopefully standout. This is what the sister duo known as Larkin Poe have inevitably done with their musical talent; creating a package that is not only edgy, but extremely catchy and raw. If you aren’t familiar with these ladies, it’s time to get familiar as their new album, Reskinned, is their introduction to a heavier, more aggressive sound and a showcase of why they belong on stage with the heavy hitters of the rock world.

[tw-toggle title=”Larkin Poe”]
Genre: Rock N’ Roll
Label: RH Music
Release: April 15, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

Classic southern rock and typical rock n’ roll isn’t in my wheelhouse of preferred musical genres as it generally lacks the elements of music I enjoy most. With that being said, Larkin Poe has a sound that latches onto you and pulls you into their world of music and inevitably becomes something you can’t get out of your head. It’s further helped by the sisters’ ability to effortlessly blend their background of blues, country and rock into a modernized sound. This innate talent is immediately noticed from the opening riff of the opening track, “Sucker Puncher”, which gives a glimpse into the overall style of Reskinned with it’s hard hitting guitars, toe tapping drumming and soulful vocals which are carried throughout the entirety of the album.

Larkin Poe – Stubborn Love


On top of the ability to blend the old school with the new, Larkin Poe stays true to their roots by making the music they grew up with and have a love for. Far too often we end up seeing artists stray from what made them want to become musicians in the first place. Also, since the sisters are multi-talented musicians, they use this to their ability to further separate themselves from other acts by incorporating elements from various guitars, the mandolin and violin. This gives the album a diverse soundscape that many artists rarely ever venture into, while retaining a fluid and consistent flow. Putting all this together and accompanying it with the soulful vocal stylings and heartfelt lyrical content, Reskinned is an album that offers a much broader sound that can just as easily appeal to a fan of metal as it does to a fan of rock.

Where the bands previous album, Kin, saw the ladies move out of their country and Americana stylings and take a more aggressive approach to their music, Reskinned is them zeroing in and refining that same approach. This is an album not only influenced by their musical idols, but deeply influenced by the duo’s upbringing in Georgia – which is something they don’t shy away from; in fact, they let us see through their eyes as if we were there with them. So if you’ve been aching for good ole fashion southern rock with a modern twist, this is the solution to your pain.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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