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An interesting facet of music is how much difference there is in the ideology of the craft and the end goals of what each artist wants to achieve. There are some artists that have their eyes set on the highest of goals and it’s what keeps their passion burning where as others tend to do it purely for the love of the music. Whatever it is that drives them they all inevitably end up in a cycle of musical self-improvement and progression to make their work as pure and true to themselves as possible. This cycle ends up being harder on some artists than others; some have no problem creating the perfect sound while others go through constant rewrites and changes up until the release of the material to the public. After an undoubtedly large amount of reworks towards perfection and what seems like forever, alternative / pop outfit Night Argent are finally ready to unleash their self-titled debut EP onto the world on April 22nd. With an extremely large amount of anticipation and build up and a constant growing fan base, does the band live up to not only their own lofty expectations, but their fans as well? Absolutely.

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Genre: Alternative | Pop
Label: Unsigned
Release: April 22, 2016
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Two of the more immediate comparisons that Night Argent gets on a consistent basis is with Imagine Dragons and even AWOLNATION. This is due to a multitude of similar elements from anthemic, pop driven lyrics and infectious, multi-layered rock instrumentation. The differences are noticeable if you pay close enough attention and pick out the different elements each track contains. Whereas the latter artists employ a style similar to EDM with a softer opening in the majority of their tracks that builds up to an atmospherically exploding sound, Night Argent comes out of the gate swinging with intricately crafted melodies and harmonies, carefully placed synths and the ability to carry an arena-ready sound throughout that only ends up with higher highs and very little lows. This is driven home further by the fact that the band lets their live show dictate how their studio sound ends up. Lastly, one of the more unique things about the band and their songwriting in general is how their music carries over from one track to the next – almost making it seem like one seamless set rather than the tracks being entirely individual and not feeling as if they belong together.

Night Argent – Nothing More Beautiful (Deconstructed Version)

From NIGHT ARGENT’s new self titled EP available for order now at: http://smarturl.it/NAEP CDs, Vinyl + Bundles – www.NightArgentOfficial.com/Merch Connect with Night Argent: Official – www.NightArgent.com Facebook- http://facebook.com/NightArgent Twitter -http://twitter.com/Night_Argent Instagram – http://instagram.com/NightArgent YouTube – http://youtube.com/goodnightArgent Soundcloud – http://soundcloud.com/NightArgent

It’s an important part of music for musicians to make the music they enjoy playing rather than conform to current styles and trends and that is exactly what Night Argent have done. Utilizing sounds from industrial to pop, electronic to rock, they show that nothing is off limits for the style of music they want to create. This method is what creates such a dynamically driven sound which is further showcased by the bands own musical ability. From the very first track to the very last, the Night Argent takes the listener on an atmospherically driven journey that you can get lost in – and that’s what music should do.

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