EP Review: Ghosts Again – The Closest Thing To Closure

A first impression can make or break you, in almost any aspect of life. From a job interview to a first date, people always tend to take what they see and pass some sort of mental judgement immediately. If you have a strong first impression, the right doors should continue to open and if its bad then its next to impossible to break away from that. It’s not all bad and people do recover, but it takes that much more effort and will power so in the long run, it’s better to take the time to get it right on the first attempt. This same concept can easily be applied to music and new bands attempting to break into their genres scene. If the band doesn’t hook in the listener right away then most listeners won’t give the band a chance. One band that is making a great first impression is up & coming North Carolina post hardcore outfit Ghosts Again, who are set to release their debut EP, The Closest Thing To Closure on April 22nd.

Pant’s Division (The End is Silence) – Ghosts Again

https://www.facebook.com/ghostsagainband https://twitter.com/GhostsAgainBand Lyrics: Cause I’m not getting enough sleep, the rain’s been so loud and they never told me everyone would lose their home somehow. In the dim despair of the docks between here and nowhere, she floats away. You will feel everything. You will feel everything. Is it human?

The band makes a strong impression immediately with the album opener “Skeleton Boy”. This track showcases one of the bands most important strengths; their musicianship. It opens up with a very Underoath-esque sound with distorted guitars and drum-stick tapping before blasting into overdrive. Offering progressive, technical and fast paced guitar riffs and toe-tapping drumming, you get the full Ghosts Again sound right off the bat. These elements are what the band thrives off of, straying away from a heavy reliance on chugs and breakdowns and instead taking the path of letting the technicality of their instrumentation employ the heaviness. Vocalist Alex Cortright transitions from soaring singing to the occasional frantic, chaotic screams effectively and manages to keep the transitions as non-abrasive as possible. Combined with catchy choruses, which is where Alex shines brightest, the sound is well refined and catchy enough to differentiate from your typical post hardcore band.

While the instrumentation and transitions remain tight, the music becomes a bit over influenced and same-sounding which makes The Closest Thing To Closure feel a little bit flat. This also makes it a bit difficult to pick out a stand-out or highlight track, but shouldn’t sway people from listening to the EP. Regardless of that, Ghosts Again have crafted a strong first impression that is diverse and engaging throughout. They are ultimately brimming with potential and one to watch on future releases and a solid first impression will only undoubtedly help their future.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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