EP Review: Faultlines – All We’ve Ever Known

When it comes to a band and their sound, one of the more divisive topics of discussion always seems to center around the vocalist. It makes sense as the vocalist tends to be the front person and one most closely associated to the sound as it’s their voice people remember. To make the subject even more divisive, many people dislike female vocal styles for certain musical genres compared to their male counterparts. Intention or not, there’s a very large amount of Amy Lee (Evanesence) and Hayley Williams (Paramore) sounding front woman with bands out there and it unfortunately seems to dissuade a potentially large amount of fans. With this being such a contentious subject, it makes it all the more special when a female fronted act lands on the scene that is not only unique vocally as well as instrumentally. Enter in up and coming UK post hardcore act Faultlines who have garnered a large following over a short period of time and are now releasing their debut EP For All We’ve Ever Known on April 15th.

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Genre: Post Hardcore | Alternative Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: April 15, 2016
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FAULTLINES – Drowning [Official Music Video]

Official music video for Drowning by FAULTLINES www.faultlinesband.com Contact Management: faultlinesofficial@hotmail.com PR: Hayley@littlepress.co.uk Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/faultlinesband Instagram: http://instagram.com/faultlines_band Twitter: Faultlines_band Video by LIFEISART Visuals Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Daniel Kerr @ Avenue Studios Theres a catch in my throat, and i’m drowning in my words, Who will save me when you’re dreaming, awake?

Perhaps the most immediate and impactful thing the band does is let vocalist Christina Rotondo take center stage and allow the music to fit her vocal style rather than shoehorning her vocals in to fit the instrumentals. This allows harsh vocalist Jake Noakes to play off of the emotionally charged and soaring cleans to provide a very approachable sound while still offering an impactful dose of aggression. In the instrumentation department, the band does an excellent job of crafting a heavy, yet melodic metal sound with elements of alternative rock. Both guitarists (Benji Wilson and Chris McIntosh) have created great leads and memorable riffs while bassist Oli Parkinson and drummer Sie Gordon keep the sound bouncy and rhythmic. There are also carefully placed, but rarely used electronics and programming elements that add an extra layer of elegance to the overall sound of the band helping them stand out that much more.

From its’ ability to flip between head banging instrumentation and melodic grooves, sing-a-long choruses to deep growls and heartfelt lyrical content, Faultlines have added their own style to the post hardcore genre. Add in a dose of electronics and programming and you’re provided beautiful, yet chaotic set pieces that create huge and atmospheric melodies. For All We’ve Ever Known may be the band’s debut, but the level of quality and musicianship behind the release is far and above many others at this stage in their careers. This is a release that will easily grab its listeners and show you that balancing the fine line between heavy and melodic, aggression and emotion and female and male vocal elements is possible and is going to make their next release that much more anticipated.


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