The Weekly Drop: April 4 – 8 Releases

April 8th brings quite the variety in musical goods as we see many anticipated releases with some unknown surprises sprinkled in. From acoustic and pop punk to metal and parody music, this week sees it all. Check it out!

Released on 04.08.16 

Artist: As It Is
Album: Never Happy, Ever After [Deluxe Edition]
Genre: Pop Punk
Take a listen:

Never Happy, Ever After (Deluxe Edition)

Never Happy, Ever After (Deluxe Edition), an album by AS IT IS on Spotify

Artist: Culture Abuse
Album: Peach
Genre: Alternative Rock
Take a listen:


Peach, an album by Culture Abuse on Spotify

Artist: Deftones
Album: Gore
Genre: Experimental Rock
Take a listen:


Gore, an album by Deftones on Spotify

Artist: Erra
Album: Drift
Genre: Metalcore
Take a listen:

Artist: Holy Fever
Album: The Wreckage
Genre: Punk Rock
Take a listen:

The Wreckage

The Wreckage, an album by Holy Fever on Spotify

Artist: Holy Pinto
Album: Congratulations
Genre: Indie Pop
Take a listen:

Artist: Landscapes
Album: Modern Earth
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Take a listen:

Artist: M83
Album: Junk
Genre: Electronic
Take a listen:


Junk, an album by M83 on Spotify

Artist: The Ready Set
Album: I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love
Genre: Pop Rock
Take a listen:

I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love

I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, an album by The Ready Set on Spotify

Artist: Sleeping With Sirens
Album: Live and Unplugged
Genre: Acoustic
Take a listen:

Live and Unplugged

Live and Unplugged, an album by Sleeping With Sirens on Spotify

Artist: Throw the Fight
Album: Transmissions
Genre: Alternative Metal
Take a listen:


Transmissions, an album by Throw The Fight on Spotify

Artist: To Live As Wolves
Album: Breakneck Road [EP]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Take a listen:

Artist: Traces
Album: Traces [EP]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Take a listen:

Traces EP

Traces EP, an album by Traces on Spotify

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